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Written by Damon Williams and directed/produced by Heather Scobie, “Twisted Proverbs: Candle” is a twisted restoration on an old proverb. This episode explores a moment where frustration is handled in a zen sort of way.


As an old man tries to enjoy his dinner in peace, his wife of many years joins him at the table. What is normally considered to be an oppressive experience, changes when he dines by candle light during a storm.  This is a lighthearted look into a weathered marriage that gets a spark of new perspective.



Basically, the scene made us laugh and we wanted to share the humor.  The project was shot in the director’s living room because it was free, had a really short commute time, and the craft service room (kitchen) was amazingly close to set.  The living room was fairly long and narrow, so instead of moving the camera set ups around, we merely rotated the set/actors.  Our production day, with makeup application included, was about six hours.


Beyond that, this short was created as an exercise to test the dynamic range in lighting using our new toy, the Sony EX3.  The shoot was short, relaxed, and filmed in the director’s living room.  There was very little adjustment made in post production to create the nicely crushed blacks and warm, saturated colors.  


Both of these actors had a great time exploring how dramatic aging makeup can help influences the development of a character’s nuances.  Roger’s embrace of the suddenly deep and plentiful wrinkles on his normally smooth flawless face was endearing to watch.  Suzie’s playful nature brought laughs to the set, flying press-on-nails and all, as she skillfully worked with her blind eye contact lens and enormous facial mole.




Twisted Proverbs: Candle is a comedy short film is intended for older teens and adults who like  silly humor.




Twisted Proverbs: Candle is a very short, short film with a full running time of 00:01.54.

"> Twisted Proverbs: Candle

ROGER CHAN (Wise Old Man) was born in Washington DC and is proud of his Han Dynasty ancestral lineage.  As an adult, he moved from his home town to Texas in 2000, when he was recruited to serve as Assistant City Manager of the City of Austin.  Having been a political appointee in DC, he had quite a bit of public speaking experience as well as radio and TV appearances, so he began a professional voice over career.  That quickly blossomed into work in front of the camera the moment agents were looking for talent through his voice over agent.  He has been working steadily as an actor since that moment.


Roger has no formal training, however, for the first 25 years of his life he was painfully shy, stuttered, and had a pronounced lisp all of which made him rather reclusive and inward. Like others who are labeled "shy" he became a receptacle of characters who interacted with him and /or who he chose to store in his mental collection. He can easily draw on these personas for roles as necessary.


Roger’s speech impediment was instantly cured when he accidentally drowned while white water rafting and had to be resuscitated. He feels there's nothing like dying to wake your *arse* up and really live. His ride is a 1450cc Indian Spirit, rain or shine, and he now loves life passionately.  Roger has been blessed with an acting career filled with National and international TV ads like Nike, WalMart, DELL, AMD, VISA, American Airlines, Golfsmith, Johnson&Johnson and many others, as well as movies and episodic TV.


SUZIE TRUE (Scary Old Woman) is a multilingual screenwriter and actress based in Texas and twice annual resident of Spain.


In her writing, she focuses on broad and adult comedy. She is well-known in writing circles for her unique sense of humor, ability to paint scenes with few words, and skill with dialogue. She is fortunate to be able to watch many international films, sometimes in their original languages, and likes to incorporate some of their style in her scripts though remaining true to American entertainment-focused storytelling.


Suzie is often cast for her ability to act authoritative and knowledgeable. To that end, she has played roles such as neurologist, instructor, and Justice Ginsberg (in voice only). Her ability to memorize pages of difficult dialogue and deliver them naturally is one of her assets, as is her positive energy on set. Her true personality leans more toward daring and gutsy with a masked vulnerability, though her sharp wit lends itself well to comedy.





EDITOR  Jonathan Grubbs

MUSIC  Justin R. Durban


1st ASSISTANT CAMERA  Anne LaBarbera

GAFFER  Brandon Boggs

GRIP/ELECTRIC  Dustin Oakley




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